How to Make a Paper Ninja Star.




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Ninja Star.

In this tutorial, you will be learning to make a paper ninja star.

Materials needed:
Paper in either a rectangle or square in a desired size (warning: if paper used is not one of these two shapes, the instructions will not work).

Final Result:

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Step 1: Making a Perfect Square.

1. If the paper you're using is already a perfect square, go on to part 2 - Forming the two pieces of the ninja star.

 2. Fold one corner of the paper to form a 90 degree triangle, going all the way to the edge of the paper (see figure 1).

 3. Cut or fold and tear off the bottom segment (see figure 2).

 4. Unfold the triangle and do your best to remove the crease by rubbing your thumb along the paper. (see figure 3)

Step 2: Forming the Two Pieces of the Ninja Star.

1.  Fold your square paper in half and use that mark to cut or tear the two halves apart. (note: the pictures use 2 colors of paper after this point to distinguish the pieces, but it is not required unless you want extra flair)

 2.  Fold the two rectangles down the middle longways to form two thinner rectangles Do not cut, and leave them folded (see figure 1)

 3.  Fold the new thinner rectangles in half the short way (see figure 2).

 4. Unfold the the last fold.  The crease is a guiding mark for the next step (see figure 3)

 5.  Fold one side of each rectangle straight up using the middle crease as a guide, and the other side down Make the two pieces MIRROR IMAGES of each other NOT IDENTICAL (see figure 4).

 6. Flip the pieces over and form 90 degree triangles again with the corners on each side (see figure 5).

Step 3: Combining the Two Pieces Together

1.  Flip one of the two pieces onto it's back compared to the other piece.

 2. Place the piece that looks like 2 large triangles on the top of the other piece cross-ways. (see figure 1)

 3. Fold the small triangles on the bottom piece into the openings on the top piece (see figure 2).

 4.  Flip over and repeat on the opposite side, completing the ninja star (see figure 3).

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2 years ago

it was kind of hard because i had the stuff from sketch paper.

bet i love going on the site and doing this cause i can never get it right the first tim