How to Make a Paper Popper (EASY)

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Popper (EASY)

Trust me, this is easy
sry not a good pic

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Step 1: What You Need....

Step 2: Step 1

fold on side about 1 cm sideways (see pic if your confused)

Step 3: Next Step

now, on the other side, fold it not over or under, but almost touching the fold you just did.

Step 4: Last Step

fold in half (pretty simple)

Step 5: Here's the Fun Part..

POPPING IS FUN! gotta explain it to you. When you fold it you should see two "pockets" Put you hand on top and pust down untill it opens. Do that for the other. now where I scribbled, thats where you mark (if you want) now swing down. If it didn't work, here's what to do. Take the two pockets and pull up. Now swing down. If it didn't work you might of did it wrong. Anyways thanks for viewing this instructable!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    we used to do this all over skool but they banned it cause it was so annoying


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    cool sorry for late reply I looked for poppers on this site but i didnt find my popper yeah me and my friends did em too