How to Make a Paper Rocket Engine




Hello ,Today I am going to learn you how to make a paper rocket engine out of a square piece of paper.

video on how to make it and use it here

Watch it in action (not my video)  here

Step 1: Step 1(prefolding)

get a square piece of paper and fold it corner to corner (2 times)
Then lay it with the point facing upward and fold it in the middle

open it up again

Step 2: Step Two (making the Balloon Shape)

fold the piece of paper following the folds you made

fold the bottom corners up and do this on both sides

fold the corners to the middle line

find the side that has 4 flaps

fold the flaps like on the picture

fold the flaps in half

open the little pockets and put the flaps in to them

Step 3: Step 3 (inflating)

find the side that has a little hole in it

cut of a piece there so the hole becomes bigger

blob in the hole so it inflates like a balloon

fold the sides so it becomes a cube

Step 4: Step 4 Making It Work

use your lighter to fill the the balloon-rocket engine

hold a flame behind the hole and wooosj

!!!!!!!make shure your hand isnt behind the hole so you dont get burned!!!!!!!



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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 4

    You should get a video/picture in action, lol


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    If all it does is 'whooosh' with a large flame, you're useing too much gas out of the lighter. If you get the fuel to air mixture right, you can get quite a bit of oomph out of it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Video please? I'd like to know exactly what it does before trying it :P