How to Make a Peacock Costume

Introduction: How to Make a Peacock Costume

This year I wanted to be a peacock for Halloween.  I drew inspiration from a costume I saw online and decided to recreate it.

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Step 1: Start With the Tail

I used uncut, three-foot peacock feathers to create the tail (the crowning glory of the costume!). I purchased the feathers online in bulk.  The tail required 96 feathers in total.

Step 2: Create the Tail - Part 1

To create the tail - Part 1: 
1. Glue three uncut feathers vertically on top of each other to simulate the spray of a real peacock's tail
2. Glue two of those sets back-to-back so that it would look the same from the front as well as the back

Note: Once these two steps are complete, you should have a stalk that contains 6 feathers.

Step 3: Create the Pail - Part 2

To create the tail- Part 2:
3. Glue the feather bunches into a fan shape onto black poster board
4. Cut the poster board into a "Y" shape.

Step 4: Create the Tail - Part 4

To create the tail - Part 3
5. Apply a backing to cover the ends of the tail feathers.  I used a glittery black card stock to give it more of a polished look.
6. Wrap black tape around the base of the "Y".

This fan of feathers was then able to be slid in and out of the inside of the top back of my corset (so that I could get in and out of a car!), and stand straight up in a perfect fan the entire night!

Step 5: Create the Tutu Skirt - Part 1

A tutu skirt is very easy to create and requires no sewing.  I started with several rolls of tulle in varying "peacock" colors.  I also used black grosgrain 1" ribbon for the waistband.

I measured the ribbon to fit around my waist and added several more inches to ensure there was enough to tie a bow to secure the skirt.  Start with more than you need and you can trim it later.

Next cut the tulle into individual strips.  I cut my strips in 12" lengths.  You can make our skirt longer or shorter based on the lengths of the strips.  You will need A LOT of these.  I sat for a couple hours in front of a movie one night cutting strips.

Step 6: Create the Tutu Skirt - Part 2

I "looped" the tulle to the waistband rather than tying knots.  This technique ensured that the length stayed consistent.  Plus, it's much faster.

To create loop ties:
1. Take one of the tulle strips and fold it in half forming a loop at the top of it
2. Take the ribbon and place the folded piece of tulle, looped side up, under it
3. Weave the bottom ends of the tulle strip through the loop and pull the ends of the tulle until a knot forms

For pictures and more detailed instructions, here is a great resource:

Step 7: Create the Tutu Skirt - Part 3

Keep looping tulle until you have enough to fit completely around your waist.  Leave enough ribbon at the ends to be able to tie a bow to secure the skirt.

Step 8: Create the Headpiece

I use a few extra feathers to create a little headpiece.  For this, I cut and glued three feathers together at the bottom.

For my hair, I tied it up on a bun and threaded the headpiece into the top.

Step 9: Add Dramatic Makeup

For my makeup, I blended blue and green eyeshadow on to my lids.  I then added feather eyelashes to add to the dramatic effect.

Step 10: Put It All Togeher

Once the construction is complete, it's time to put the costume all together,  In total, the costume consisted of:

1. Tail feathers
2. Black corset
3. Tulle skirt
4. Fishnet stockings
5. Black boots
6. Feather headpiece
7. Dramatic makeup

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