How to Make a Pen Gun. (ink Cartrige Launtcher)

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this instructable will help you create a pen gun/ ink cartridge launcher, witch launches the ink cartridge at the push of a button, and still writes!

Step 1: Supplys and Tools

what you will need:
>a BIC click y pen.
>a click y pen with a fat cartridge.
>a good pair of scissors( must be strong enough to cut thin plastic)

Step 2: Take the BIC Clicky Pen...

take the BIC clicky pen and take it apart,
inside you will find the:
ink, cap, spring, and leave the rest be.
next you can throw away the ink but leave every thing else.

Step 3: Cut

cut the cap as located in the photos

Step 4: Get the Outeher Parts, and Put Together

now you will get the big ink cartridge and second spring from the larger pen.
now take one spring and put in in the small pen.
now put the big ink cartridge in on top of the first spring.
now put the second spring on the big ink cartridge.
now put the special cap on, push it on hard.

Step 5: Test It Out!

take it and point it away from humans or animals and press the clicky part.
it will fire all the parts out.

BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN! fastlines out!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I accidentally shot myself doing this a few years ago. Had to explain to the life guard at the pool what I did. It was funny.