How to Make a Pen Musket





Introduction: How to Make a Pen Musket

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Bored? Wanna annoy that guy in the cubicle behind you?
Then get your pilot G2 and watch this!
Use wads of paper instead of bbs



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    If he have ever watched the video, he could easily have seent the different focus properties of the things he,s showing and the chair far away.

    The concept sounded interesting, but I can't really tell whats going on in the video. It would have helped if you gave some description, or at least had some better lighting.

    I'd say if you want to make you videos better you should first buy a tripod. Then go sit down at your kitchen table with the camera in front of you at chest level, and keep your arms out stretched in front of you while you demonstrate the 'ible, so everything stays in focus..