How to Make a Pet Toy Out of Household Materials



Introduction: How to Make a Pet Toy Out of Household Materials

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a cat or dog toy out of everyday materials that most people own. Animals love to chase after it and play with it. This only took me around 15 minutes to make, so it is a very quick toy to make. This is my first instructable, so comments and feedback would be much appreciated. This toy may not look like much, but my dogs love it!

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Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

  1. A sock (with or without holes)
  2. A long piece of thick string. I used a piece about 4 feet long.
  3. A towel or stuffing to insert inside of the toy.
  4. Scissors
  5. A needle and strong thread
  6. A dog, cat, or other animal

Step 2: Sewing Up Holes

If your sock doesn't have any holes, skip this step. The sock I used did, so I found it necessary to sew up the holes. I am not a master at sewing, so I improvised and stitched it up with a standard stitch. You don't need to know any special techniques.

After using a strong thread to sewn holes up, go back through again and repeat. This will help prevent the hole from being reopened by your pet's teeth. Make sure that when you tie off the thread, you must tie it very tight and very well.

Step 3: Stuffing

After sewing up holes, take your CLEAN stuffing materials(Yes, you don't want your dog/cat chewing on your sweaty old gym socks...I'm talking to you, toe fungi!!!)and stuff your sock with them. Make sure you make your sock nice and plump.

I used some clean but old towels and cut those up to place inside, however you can use whatever substance you choose. Another alternative may be cotton or fabric, as long as you don't let your pet eat it. Based on the type and size, I know that if my dogs get the towels out, they can't choke on or eat the towels. If you wanted to just stuff the toy you could place small treats in it and have your pet tear it open to get at the treats.

Step 4: Finishing Up and Attaching the Rope

You now need to attach your rope. Cut a small hole on each side of the neck of the sock, and tie your rope in place. If you make the hole too large, as you can see that I did, you may have to improvise.

I took my needle and thread, and stitched a line horizontally across the neck of the sock beneath my hole for the rope in order to seal it off. If you don't do this, there is a possibility that your stuffing may come out.

Once your rope is tied, cut off some of the excess protruding from the knot. I tied a simple knot where I would be holding the rope in order to provide a better grip. You can do this if you want to.

Your toy is now complete.

Step 5: Have Fun!

It is now time to test your newly made dog /cat toy out. If your animal likes to chase things, you can drag it around. If you have a cat, tie it to a high fixture and let them bat at it and bite it.

My dogs seemed to really enjoy it! This has approved by the FDA(Federal Dog Administration) ;D

Important!!!!This toy has a long piece of rope attached to it! If your pet is left unsupervised with this toy, they can possibly choke on it or get tangled in the rope! Be careful!!!

I keep the toy in a trunk with other dog toys and treats. I do notlet my pets play with this toy on their own. Be safe, just sayin. Thanks for reading and please vote for my instructable!

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