How to Make a Pocket Sized Gun

Introduction: How to Make a Pocket Sized Gun

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Today, I will be showing you how to make a gun small enough to fit in your pocket

Okay, its not actually a "gun" it is more like a "shooter." There are many things that this pen shooter/gun can shoot. Although basically anything that fits will shoot, some of my favorite things to launch are barbecue skewers, BB's, and Pen ink tubes.

Once you complete this project there are many things to add on to it, just be creative. I've added handles, pen ink tube storage, triggers, scopes, and even laser sight to this before. So what do you say? let's get started!

You need:
  • Something to shoot (Barbecue skewers are common)
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Rubber band
  • Knife

Step 1: Dis-assembly

  • Start your dis-assembly by removing the bottom "cap."(Picture #1)
  • Next, cut the mechanism at the bottom and "gut out" the pencil.
  • You should have a product similar to Picture #2.

Step 2: Assembly

  • First, cut two "slots" in the tube where the eraser was held (Picture #1).
  • Twist your rubber band around the "clip" of the mechanical pencil (Picture #2).
  • Next, insert you rubber band into the two "slots" you previously cut out (Picture #2).
  • Lastly, Use your knife to carve out the hole in the bottom of the mechanical pencil (Picture #3)
For trigger installation:
  • Bend a paper clip similar to the one seen below (Picture #4).
  • Now, use tape to attach the paper clip to the mechanical pencil (Picture #4).
  • To use trigger plug the paperclip into one of the holes in the mechanical pencil tube(Picture #5).
  • If there is not already a hole, make one by twisting the knife, or by using a small drill bit.

Step 3: Conclusion/Tips


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Now that you are done making you shooter, you are not actually "done," unless you are happy with you pen shooter the way it is. To those who wish to add more, you are only limited by your imagination, get creative! I've added scopes, handles, laser sight, and ammo storage to these kinds of shooters before. I'm sure the great minds of Instructables can come up with some cool ideas!

Feel like sharing? Post a picture below, we would love to see your creation!

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