How to Make a Poney Bead Star.

Introduction: How to Make a Poney Bead Star.

About: I do alot of arts and crafts, when theirs something i really want to make and i can't do it, it bothers me till i make it.

Okay this is my first (how to) tutorial. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1:

First things first.
You are gonna need:
Strechy string, i use .5 or .7
Poney Beads in the color you want.

you'll need 10 beads for the inter part and 15 beads for the outer part.

Step 2:

Your gonna string on your 10 color beads you pic.

Step 3:

And now once you string on those 10 beads your gonna tie it off. It should look something like this. !BUT! Don't cut the left over string, but have a longer peace of string when you cut the base....If you get stuck on this part just comment.

Step 4:

Now with the string you didn't cut you are gonna put 3 beads on the longer peace of string you have still tied on your star base.

Step 5:

and now take your string and put it though the 3th bead

Step 6:

And it should look like this :)

Step 7:

Now your gonna keep on doing the same thing till you get to the bead you started with.

Step 8:

Okay so once you string on your last 3 beads your gonna put it though the the bead you started *i high lighted it* and your gonna tie it off

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