How to Make a Princess Castle Hair Clippie




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This sweet castle clippie is so cute, and fairly easy to make!


Step 1:

First, take a 1" piece of 3/8" ribbon color of your choice, and fold it on itself, and glue it in a 'cone' shape.
Do this step twice.

Step 2:

Then, take a 1" piece of 7/8" ribbon color of your choice, glue it to the front of the 'cone', at the top.

Step 3:

then, take the sides, wrap them around the back, and glue down.
Remember to use just a small amount of glue for this! I used a bead of it down the edge.
You *may* need to trim off a small amount to keep it from looking 'bulky' in back.
Remember also, to do this step twice!!!!

Step 4:

next, take a 2" strip of 7/8" ribbon, and glue in the sides (just a little bit!)
Then, glue a small bit on the bottom up on itself.

Turn it over, and glue one of the 'towers' on the edge of the castle

Step 5:

After you have the towers glued on, make the windows.
I used 1/4" ribbon, and cut VERY SMALL squares. SEAL THEM!! I used Fray Check.
Then, make a drawbridge by cutting "U" shape into a piece of 7/8" white ribbon.

Step 6:

you now have a completed castle!
At this point, you can either turn it into a pin, or whatever you desire!
I put it on a lined clippie!
You can makes these in ALL SORTS of color combinations! use your imagination!



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