How to Make a Private Jet

take your president to another state with this supersonic private jet.
All you need is 2 sheets of paper, nothing else

Step 1: Should We Start Folding

Take a sheet of paper and fold in half lengthwise.
do it for the second.

Step 2:

fold the top left corner to the bottom right and the top right to the bottom left.
do it on the other side, then on the second paper.

Step 3:

open up all of 'em. you should have an X shape.
Squeeze them in like in the picture

Step 4: Now One by One, Unit by Unit, Atom, by Atom

take one of the units.
Under the flaps fold in the rectangular flaps to the center. do this for the second.

Step 5:

now take only one and put it aside
the second one.
Fold one of the front flaps downward
Turn the paper over
Where the unfolded flap is fold downwards.
Fold it in half and then fold the flaps at the front into the back of the flaps at the back
( see pics for clarification)
Turn the paper forward

Step 6: Finish

Having known how to fold it, open it up.
Put it in the other unit, and close the second unit again.



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    4 years ago

    Vote for me on paper craft contest


    4 years ago on Introduction

    seems like a cool idea! do you have more photos that might be less blurry? thanks!!