How to Make a Projecting Device

Introduction: How to Make a Projecting Device


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Step 1: How to Make a Hand Made Projecting Device?

You need a carton box, a big magnifying glass, cell-phone.
A cell-phone we place into the box, and the magnifying glass will be as an object-glass. Darken the inside of the box, insert a magnifying glass in the one end and put your smartphone (cell-phone) inside the box.

Step 2: Image Focusing Is Performed by Moving the Phone Closer and More Far Relative to the Magnifying Glass.

If projecting image from the object-glass is upside down, don't worry!!! Just manage how to turn the image on your cell-phone.
Close the cover! Turn down the light!

Step 3: Enjoy! Transform Your Mobile Device Into a Big Screen!!!

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