How to Make a Prop Weapon Using AutoCAD Raster Design.




This is a tutorial that will gives tips on how to create a weapon from a video game or movie by using one simple picture, and references. 
Autocad: Raster Design
Photoshop (optional)
Varying thicknesses of wood (I used MDF)
Wood working tools, jigsaw, dremel, sander, etc.
Pens, paper, a printer, scissors
Styrene Sheets
Wood Glue
A Glue gun
Spot Putty

1.) Choose the weapon you would like to make.
I chose the M5 from Mass Effect. I searched the web for any and all images I could find. I saved all of these files in one folder to keep organized. 

2.) I then imported a side view picture into Raster Design. Using it, i traced the layers using simple lines. The black was to be the thickest inner layer, or base layer. The blue to be the thinner detail layers. (Symmetrical on both sides of the base layer) And finally the red to be other details. Remember the layers are cumulative, as with layers of a wedding cake they are to be stacked. 

3.) I scaled the outlines to the size of the gun in-game and printed them out. It extended off of the page, so i printed on multiple and taped them together. Remember to print one "full gun" for each layer. 

4.) I cut out and traced the base layer onto MDF board. I used a jigsaw to cut the pieces out. The gun would be assembled in pieces that fit together like a puzzle. 

5.) I did the same with the detail layer, sanding and gluing them to the base layer. Many details were used with the pictures saved earlier, so keep them handy. 

6.) Next I free-handed some additional details with the styrene sheets, and glued them one as well.

7.) I lightly coated the entire gun with gray primer to easily see the cracks, holes, dings, and scratches. From there I fell into the smoothing cycle of putty and sand over and over again. 

8.) Once satisfied, paint the gun as desired. This M5 remains incomplete due to weather issues, so final painted photos will have to wait. 

Hopefully this tutorial will have helped you to create a prop replica weapon! Keep in mind that you must be flexible! If you cant create something, look around the house for things that might be useful. For example, the barrels for the M5 are actually bolts!



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    I'd be interested in a little more detail, I don't have much experience working with these programs or tools, and some extra walk through would be awesome, if you have the time :D


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, I'm making this pistol as well, might I ask what the dimensions you used are? Normally I wouldn't ask, but I figure if someone already has the dimensions, why not spare myself a bit of work?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting! I like your methods and detailing, it's really good!

    Have you seen the one Punished Props made? Yours seems almost on par with his! :D

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    And another question, are you going to paint it? Don't forget to update photos, I'm excited to see it all shiny-like! :D