How to Make a Prosthetic Foot Drink Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Prosthetic Foot Drink Holder

Fun for the amputees!!! easily make a drink holder with an old rubb

Step 1: You Will Need....

The rubber foot
A small plastic cup
that's it!!

Step 2: PUSH!!!!!!!

Push the cup in the ankle of the foot. Fill with your favorite drink and you are done!!!
The foot is not dishwasher safe.



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    I think the blinds in the background might be an accurate reflection of your sense of humor. Sorry but it's really not in very good taste, in my opinion.

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    Fill it full of rocks and use it as a door stop, it can help you really get a foot in the door.

    Oh no, what have you done to me -----

    "Do you measure in feet?"

    "May be it will help you get a leg up in life"

    "Foot lose and fancy free"