How to Make a Purse From Duct Tape




Introduction: How to Make a Purse From Duct Tape

This is my first duct tape project. It took me about a total of 8 hours to make. I'm sure that  once you get it down you can shave off some of that time.

Step 1: List of Needed Items

1 Tape measure
1 pair of scissors
1 stapler (with staples of course)
1 piece of fabric of choice (not shown here)
4 sets of 1" grommets and setting tool ( not shown in this picture)
3 rolls of DUCT TAPE of personal preference, I used white as my base, black as the main color with purple as my accent color. All rolls are 2" wide.

Step 2: Fabric of Choice

Get some fabric that measures at least 13x26. This will be your lining. Fold in half, measure and then cut.

Step 3: Like They Always Say "measure Twice and Cut Once"

This is a very simple shape....measured out to be 11" long from top to fold (open, this would be about 22" long), 12" wide on top, 8" wide at the base. The two side panels are 6" wide and about 12" long before piecing together.

Step 4: The Base

Open your fabric and lay face side down. Cover your fabric completely in your base color. Remember to over lap by about 1/8" or so. This doesn't have to be perfect no one will see the base color.

Step 5: The Base

Do this from end to end on your fully opened piece of fabric.

Step 6: Add the Mail Color

Simply tape over your base color with whatever color you have chosen your purse to be when finished.

Step 7: Trim of the Excess

Trim all of the tape away using your fabric edge as a guide.

Step 8: More Edging

I edged my pieces separately as I went along. A  2" strip layed across each piece and then folded under. Then when fisihed before the grommets are added Itook a long strip and edged all the way around for a more finished look.

Step 9: Accents?

If you are going to decorate your purse now is time to add them. Any type of embelishing that would be added such as flowers can be added later.
I cut these thin strips for a neater look as oppose to just ripping the tape.

Step 10: Trim

With your accent color place a strip along the top and fold to the underside. This will hide your rough edges.

Step 11: Side Panels

I place three strips that were about 12-13" long (this will give you enough to work with when piecing together). I didn't bother with rounding the edges at the bottom until later.

Step 12: Side Panels

You can add the same accent on your side panels or just leave it as your main color.

Step 13: Again With the Edges

Place a strip on both panels at the top and fold uner. Try an have all the trimming even as much as possible.

Step 14: Time to Piece It Together

With right sides together, use your stapler and begin at the top and staple your side panel to the purse. 

Step 15: Side Panels

I found it easier to do both sides of each panel from top to just at the curve then I stapled the very bottom of the curve and worked my way out towards the top meeting up with the staples

Step 16: Securing the Sides

To make this stronger I simply went along on both sides of the purse and stapled along the already sealed edges.

Step 17: Cover the Staples

Take a strip of tape and cover your staples. You need to do this not only because it looks better but it will save you from scratching up your fingers and hands everytime you reached in to get something.

Step 18: Turn Your Bag

Just turn your purse outside in and work out the bumps, push out the creases and the folds.

Step 19: Adding Grommets

Make the holes big enough to fit your grommet. Use the directions on the package on how to place them, It's actually pretty simple I have never used grommets before and found this an easy step.

Step 20:

Do this on both sides

Step 21:

Try to get them even on both sides.

Step 22: Handles

The craft stores have different types of handles you can buy for your new bag. You can even go to your nearest 2nd hand store and purchace and old belt to use as your strap. My straps are made from matching duct tape.
Each piece started out as a 2" wide strip by anywhere from 3" to 5" long. I folded the first piece and just kept adding the short pieces as I went along. I then took my somewhat uneven strip and layed it along a single strip down the center, folded the egdes over each side. I then flipped the strip over and did the same thing so as to cover any raw or sticky undersides. I did both strips this way.
How long the straps are is entirely up to you.

Step 23: Stoppers

Inside each end there is a plastic bead about 3/4" round. Taped securely so the end of your strap won't come off. I tried tying it but duct tape isn't very forgiving for such a small and bulky detail.

Step 24: It's Up to You

This is what the final product looks like. It's a bit time consuming but well worth the effort. It's up to you to put your own spin on this idea. Have fun and be creative.

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    this is insanely awesome looking!!!! definitely gonna make this when i get more duct tape :D