How to Make a Rainbow Loom Tipple Single.



Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Tipple Single.

Here is how to make the rainbow loom tipple single. 

Step 1: Get Your Items

you need any color rubber bands, C clip, hook, loom.     

Step 2: Placing Rubber Bands

Put out your rubber bands on each set of pegs.

Step 3: Time to Add Triangles

make ten white or color of your choice  rubber bands. and start looping. on the next step.

Step 4: Capping

put on the capping band rap it around twice.

Step 5: Looping

now turn around the loom and lets start looping. first pull back the black rubber band and grab the top rubber band and do it again with the whole thing and pull back the white one later when you get to it. 

Step 6:

now that you did that this do it on the other 2

Step 7:

put the hook in all the rubber bands on the other side and put a rubber on and pull .

Step 8: Pulling It Off

and this is what it looks like now pull it all the way off. 

Step 9:

here's it off the loom now we make the next part.  

Step 10:

put as many rubber bands as you want and add the back of the tripple single and loop like you did on the other part

Step 11: Finish

Now pull it off the loom and it should look like this  and put the C clip on the loom and connect the 2 sides .

Step 12: All Done!

Now your done and this is how it looks

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