How to Make a Recycled Flower Pot Thing

Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Flower Pot Thing

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This instructable is on how to make a small flower pot out of an old plastic bottle.

        You Need

   -dirt(kind of essential)
   -Plastic bottle
   -seeds for a really small plant

    This little guy can be kept inside on a widow sill that has sun.

Step 1: Eating

   The first step and maybe the hardest after lunch is to EAT THE OR DRINK THE STUFF IN THE BOTTLE......Now that ive blown your mind you can go ahead and go do it.Now after youve eaten or drank the the stuff rinse the bottle out.

Step 2: Dirt

   Now fill the little bowl or bottle with dirt or nutrient rich dirt bought at the store(if your a gardener you should have this stuff).
once you've done this pack the dirt down with the palm of your hand and get it fairly tight.Push your finger into the dirt at about the center to create an inch deep hole and drop those seeds in there.

Step 3: Leave in the Sun in Window Sill or What Not

now just leave it out in the sun and water it each day and your done this project for me took a total of five minutes  HAVE FUN!

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