How to Make a Safe Swing?

Introduction: How to Make a Safe Swing?

These steps shows how to make a safe swing.

Product specifications:

Total weight: 2.580 kilograms.

Materials: polypropylene, trespa, stainless steel

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Step 1: Supplies


- A plate of trespa (30 centimeters by 70 centimeters)

- A rope of polypropylene. The length of the rope is 30 meters.

- Two carabiners with a safety tool.

- D-closure of stainless steel

- Black duct tape


- jigsaw

- sanding machine

- drill

- cutter

Step 2: The Making of the Seating

Picture 1

Draw on the ‘Trespa’ plate: (1-3)

1. double arrow

2. two rectangles

3. 10 drill holes

Continue: (4-7)

4. Cut out the shapes with a jigsaw

5. Drill the indicated holes in the arrow

6. Drill the indicated holes in the rectangles

7. Sand the top, bottom and side of all shapes smooth

Step 3: The Making of the Swing

Picture 2

1. Take 2 ropes of polypropylene. They both have a length of 40 centimeters.

2. Tape the ends of the ropes with black duct tape.

3. Thread the ends of rope 1 through hole 1 and 2.

Thread the ends of rope 2 through hole 6 and 7.

(The position of the holes is indicated on picture 1)

4. Make a secure knot at each end.

5. Take 2 other ropes with a length of 14 meters.

Call the ropes rope 3 and rope 4.

Thread rope 3 through hole 4 and 5.

Thread rope 4 through 9 and 10.

(The position of the holes is indicated on picture 1.1).

6. Choose the end that is closer to the small rectangle and make a small loop in it.

Do this for rope 3 and 4.

7. Insert the karabiner by the loop of rope 3. Do the same for rope 4.

8. Take the other end and make a small loop.

9. Hang a D-closure on this loop.

Step 4: The Installing of the Swing

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