How to Make a Scoreboard

Are you looking for a mini project idea? Something
to build or looking to choosing a project for a class.

This is an ideal project to build.

You can call it a mobile-scoreboard or a
mini scoreboard.

S/O to for the background

Parts you will need for this project:

1. Propeller educational board Microcontroller

2. (2) Perforated Board for the
scoreboard and the control board

3. Soldering machine and the lead

4. (7) M74 Seven segment display

5. (7) 2N700 transistor mosfet

6. (13) 150 ohms

7. (7) 10k ohms

8. (5) pushbutton

9. Wires

10. Optional (7) 8 pin sockets for the seven segment

11. Optional (7) I/O sockets for the 2N700 transistors

12. Optional 14 pin sockets for wire going from the microcontroller to the scoreboard

13. Kitchen timer

For video :



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