How to Make a Sculpey Oscar the Grouch Figurine With Video Time Lapse

Introduction: How to Make a Sculpey Oscar the Grouch Figurine With Video Time Lapse

So a lot of people seemed to like my figurines.. aka desk decoration

i plan to give out some during valentines to some friends.. as you can see by the other Oscar i the video.. i'm making silicone molds and i gonna make vynil copies.. yes i will add an instructable soon as soon as  i get some courage to open up those containers.. (I dont wanna mess it up)

Anyways..  i've done it 3 different ways.. 1 by blending in the clay.. 1 by using toothpicks to attach large pieces like the head, legs, eyes etc... and one using small pieces of plastic covered copper wire..

i found that all work.. however, using the blending clay method takes longer and is not as strong.. toothpicks  work really good and created a stronger bond... but small copper wire works best.. i think because the plastic melts when in the oven..

i made 3 instructables using these 3 different methods.. the GIR instructable and oscar the grouch uses toothpicks.. the USB instructable, and all the original sesame street figurines use wire.. and this one uses blending method..

(blending is the method of using two separate pieces of sculpey by mixing small pieces of each

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Step 1: How to Make a Sculpey Oscar the Grouch Figurine Time Lapse Video

Here is the video 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute. I like the use of the Time Lapse Video, but unfortunately some of your design steps got outside the video frame. However its still a great job! :)