How to Make a Simple Minecraft Cobblestone Generator!




IM cool and im a robotics student

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple Minecraft cobblestone generator!

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Step 1: Materials


*A bucket of lava 

*A bucket of water

Step 2: How to Make It!

*Make a 5 wide by 5 long by 2 tall stone rectangle

*make a 3 long by 1 wide by 1 deep trench inside the rectangle to the left 

*make a 3 long by 1 wide by 2 deep trench inside the trench to the right leaving three blocks to separate them 

*in the 3 long by 1 wide by 1 deep trench dump l bucket of lava in the center of it

*in the 3 long by 1 wide by 2 deep trench dump the bucket of water fill it to the rim 

*break the center as much as you want but only the top layers cobble stone will appear

and thats it if you have any questions comment and please vote

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