How to Make a Simple Stool.




Introduction: How to Make a Simple Stool.

We will be making stool as a by product of water jetting mig-welding and powder coating

Step 1: Corel to Water Jet Stool Parts

Coreldraw to Water Jet.

Parts to draw:

Legs x3
Stool platform: 1( two if you mess up)
Stool top: 1
Stool leg tips x3 (note not shown in this pick

Make legs at least 15 inches tall and make the inside profile a half arc  as the legs will be stronger as an Arc.

 Stool top is a circle with four holes

Stool platform should be a square with four holes. Make sure the hole match the hole for the stool top.

leg tips can be circle that will be welded on the bottom of the legs. Circles are easy.

NOTE Nuts and threaded rod can be purchase at hardware store.  Pick the biggest size available.

Step 2: Prep for Welding

Sand blast your three nuts  that you purchase at the hardware store bigger is better. This will help you mig them  easier.

Step 3: Welding the Legs to the Nuts

Clamp down each leg and use nuts to support all three legs make sure rod is screwed in so you nuts are offset evenly form each other at least 2.5inches. This will help to keep the rod straight vertically.

Set up mig welder and go at it. mig it up.

Tack welds are nice because they help keep things straight and from over heating.

NOTE Weld the feet tips to practice your welds before you get to your nuts.

Step 4: Weld Stool Platform.

Weld the last nut to the center of the platform so you can  secure the stool top later.

make sure it is in the middle of the platform plate.

Step 5: Sand Blast

If you want a good finish sand blast the stool  steel parts so that the it looks pretty ans smooth.

Stick it in the sand blaster and shoot sand at the stool. This take a long time.

Step 6: Powder Coat the Stool

Hang you work and coat it in the coolest color you like.  Some time a clear coat is the nice. PLUG YOUR TREADS in your nuts this will save time later.

You might want to do test powder coating on scarp material to make sure you'll like the color.

Step 7: Attaching the Stool Top

Once you done powder coating attach  the stool top.

Place platform in the middle of you stool top draw the holes and then drill depending on how deep the your bolts are .You might want to attach washer in case your bolts are a bit too long


Step 8: Final Step

Screw your stool top to the welded base.

Remove your acrylic stool cover protector.



CELEBRATE with food and sitting on your stool.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    by the title I thought this would be a way to make pooping easier -.-


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I see, the word simple is in the description for the end result, not the process. I was like, wait, welding and powder coating simple? I see.