How to Make a Simple Trick-or-Treat Goodie Bag

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Trick-or-Treat Goodie Bag

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You can stitch one of these up quickly.  And it's sew cute!

Step 1:

For this project you will need: black felt, orange Halloween fabric measuring 11" X 9", and ribbon.

Find a pattern of a cat or ghost or what ever you would like to put on your goodie bag.  You are more than welcome to use the photo to the left and enlarge it to the size you would like for the goodie bag.  My cat pattern measures about 5"X4.5".

Cut out 1 cat from black felt. Pin the cat to the lower right front of the PRETTY SIDE of the orange fabric.

Zigzag stitch around the outer edge of the cat.

Pin the upper edge of the bag 1/2" towards the wrong side.  Stitch.

Step 2:

This is what the upper edge will look like stitched.

Step 3:

Put the bag pretty sides together matching the smaller edges. Pin the side seam and the bottom seam.

Stitch using a 1/4" seam or the pressure foot as your guide.

Step 4:

To seam finish your goodie bag, zigzag the edge of the seam stitching through both fabrics, as shown in the photo to the left.

Step 5:

Turn your goodie bag pretty side out. Fill with candy, and tie a pretty bow!

Step 6:

Your goodie bag is done.  What a great idea for Halloween parties, or presents during the fall season.

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