How to Make a Simple Asymmetric T-shirt




Introduction: How to Make a Simple Asymmetric T-shirt

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This is a way to make an everyday t-shirt! Easy, not expensive, comfortable and at the same time fashionable.

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Step 1: You Will Need.

1. Fabric: Stretchy cotton, cotton jersey.

2. Pins.

3. Chalk or a pencil.

4. Sewing machine.

5. Scissors.

Step 2: First Step.

Picture #1: Fold the fabric on the opposite side.

                  Dobla la tela del lado revés.

Picture #2: To secure, pin the fabric together.

                  Para asegurar, con ayuda de los pins ajusta la tela

Picture #3: Now measure how loose you want depending of your size.

                  Ahora mide que tan holgado deseas que sea, dependiendo de que medida eres.

Picture #4: Mark on the fabric the measurement

                  Marca la medida sobre la tela.

Step 3: Second Step.

Picture #5: Start drawing the shape of the T-shirt

                  Comienza a dibujar la forma de la camiseta

Picture #6 and Picture #7: Draw on sleeve asymmetric, more bigger and wider that the other.

                                           Dibuja un lado de l amanga más grande y ancho que el otro para darle ese toque asimétrico.

Picture #8: Will look like this :)

                  Quedará de esta manera

Picture #9: Then cut the excedent fabric

                  Luego corta la tela excedente

Step 4: Third Step.

Picture #10: Cut all the excedent fabric

                    Corta toda la tela restante.

Picture #11 and Picture #12: Sew the sides and sleeves.

                                              Cose los lados y las mangas.

Picture #13 and Picture #14: Do the ehm on the sleeves, the botton of the shirt and neck

                                              Realiza el dobladillo en las mangas, parte inferior y cuello

Picture #15: Now sew them

                    Ahora cose cada dobladillo

Picture #16: And you're done!

                    Te quedará asi!

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