How to Make a Simple Battery

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this is a battery at its simplest state :A cathode, an anode and an electrolite solution. this instructable is based out of The Dangerous Book For Boys, page 16, how to make a battery.

on that note, lets get making!!!!!!!

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Step 1: What You Need:

10 quarters. dont go digging them out of your collection, because when you get done with the battery, they will have turned black.

 heavy duty alluminum foil

 blotting paper (i use 2 ply toilet paper)

 copper wire

 cider vinegar



L.E.D. or a multimeter

masking tape

I found it helpfull to havea table large enough to have plenty of workspace too.

Step 2: Pre Cut Aluminum and Paper Parts

the easyest way to do so is to press a quarter against the foil to get the basic shape. once that is done, all you have to do is cut along the lines, cutting the paper peices is a bit harder. there is no way, or for that matter, need, to cut anything perfect so dont worry about a sloppy job.

Step 3: Start Stacking the Cells

One "cell" consists of a peice of foil, paper, and a quarter. A=foil P= paper Q= quarter
when done the battery should be assimbled like so; Q,P,A,Q,P,A,...... and so on and so fourth until all of your supplys are gone.the foil is the negative end and the quarter is the positive end. it is a good idea to soak each paper peice in the electrolite solution (on the next step) befor assimdleing the cells. ach cell is essentaily its own battery, and produces a tiny electrical current, but the more cells you have the stronger the current gets.

Step 4: Make the Electrolite Solution

this is where the vinegar and salt come in. how i mixed mine was to pour somein a small dish, and add salt little by little untill the salt no longer disoles. this is the electrolite solution.

Step 5: Have Fun With It.

The 10 cells that this walks you through can generate anywhere from 5-7 can always stackas many cells as you want, butwith morecell needs to come more precautions,due to more voltage.Whatever you do, the fun stops short of useing actual acid as your electrolite. NEVER DRAIN YOUR MOMS CAR BATTERY FOR THIS PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!
*Not onlywill she kill you, but the fumes are toxic if inhaled and the acid will not hesitate to eat your finger to a nub in front of your blood shot, iritated eyes. have fun :)


       ***** pictures will be up. as soon as i can upload them, you will see them******



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