How to Make a Simple Box?

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Box?

This is how you make a simple box out of wood!

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Step 1: Things You Need!

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Pieces Into 8x5x3.

Step 3: Cut Out the Two Diagnal Corners of Each Side Pieces.

Step 4: Sand Each Piece of Wood.

Step 5: Wax Each Piece of Wood.

Step 6: Screw All the Sides Together.

Step 7: Now You Are All Done!!!

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    4 years ago

    In step 2, it doesn't look like all the pieces are 8x5x3. Care to elaborate on this step a little?

    I am an art teacher. One thing my students (grades 5-12) love doing is making wooden boxes; they create new kinds all the time. I always have them wood glue the project together, fit square sides all the way around with corner formers, have the patience to wait overnight for the glue to dry (this is the hardest part!), then power drill starter holes, then use the countersink drill bit to drop the holes, then screw the project together with a T-driver. The project is then given a good finish coat (overnight drying again). We make a lot of wooden projects for the local veteran's domiciliary, senior centers, etc. A student must complete a project for donation, then has the option to make another one to take home.