How to Make a Simple Business Card Whit Photoshop in 4 Steps!

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hey there,

today i gonna try to explain how to make a business card whit photoshop.
it's realy easy so dont worry if it gows wrong for the first time.

attatchment word file is in Dutch!!! english one on the way!!!

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Step 1: Create It! 1/4

open photoshop and create a new file whit the follow dimensions height 5.5cm and length 9.0cm. and rotate it until you got it like in the picture!

Step 2: Create It! 2/4

create a rectangle i the color you want. important is that you have 1/3 of your rectangle is filed whit it!

Step 3: Create It! 3/4

insert you home address and more! first rotate it again 180° and than type your information in 14px.

Step 4: Create It! 4/4 Finish!

finish you business card whit you favorite logo or somthing else.
easy and good looking!



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