How to Make a Simple Light Up Nock for Hunting (Tutorial)

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So this works :) I have wanted one of these for a while but they are $12 for one! HELL NO! I'd rather make my own for free, so I hope you like this, post a comment if you make this :)

I hope you will never lose your arrows again, I know how annoying it is. Happy hunting guys :D

I saw this all over the internet ( These are $135 for 6! So I thought I could make one for about £1 maybe less, and this is what came out.



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    4 years ago

    Where is the instructions?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I could have used that when I missed the round hay bales in my back yard (twice) and the arrow went in the woods, first time I found it in a log, the second.... well I never found it....
    So I'm still learning and using the horses food at target practice lol

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    5 years ago

    I apologize, it must not be loading fully on my phone... It went from the photo of the lit nock, to the summary paragraph... With no instruction at all in between.

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    My friends have understood it. I have said what you need, and where to put everything, all you need to work out is the connection.