How to Make a Simple Paper Ninja Star




About: I am obsessed with making weapons out of everyday items such as: paper, craft sticks, rubberbands, and etc.

What you need:
1.) 2 square pieces of any size paper. (has to be close to perfect squares of the same size!)
2.) 2 functional hands.
3.) the ability to fold paper.
4.) patience. WARNING: if you start to rage and you break something or hurt someone, it is NOT my fault!
5.) LETS BEGIN! :)

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Step 1: Fold Both Papers in Half Both Ways

Step 2: Take Both Sheets; and Fold Top and Bottom to the Middle, and Fold in Half Again

Step 3: Fold Triangles Like Shown in the Pictures

Step 4: Read the Description Down Below!

fold along the line in the middle so it looks like a big triangle for both sides of each paper; for both papers.
1. do it for both pieces of paper.
2. look at the pictures to make sure you're doing it right.

Step 5: Read Pictures

Step 6: CONGRATS!!! You Now Have a Paper Ninja Star!!!

WARNING: I am not responsible for any injuries that may happen while you play with the ninja star! so BE CAREFUL and HAVE FUN!!!

If you have any questions about certain folds or need help with anything like tips for example, feel free to ask me in the comment section and i will answer them.

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