How to Make a Simple Speaker Works As a Battery Powered Portale Speaker!

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Speaker Works As a Battery Powered Portale Speaker!

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Hi! friends today i got the way to make Portable Speakers from which you can boom out music in any power without using any 120volts ac power supply this is the easiest way to make a portable  speaker! Your expense for making it is some solder any one 6 volts battery!

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Step 1: Making! the Stuff You Need!

To make this hack all you need is a common computer speaker two long wires , soldering iron , solder wire. if you will buy all stuff excluding speakers the expense will be 7 dollars.

Step 2: Process

All you will need to do is solder two wires!

1: just take one on the speaker in which volume controller is provided and there you have to find two or more screws to open it just unscrew all the screws then open the casing you will find one pcb with components and one transformer  ! now consider about the pcb (printed circuit board green in color and with big small components) !

2: just look at the transformer  it has four wire one pair to the home supply and one pair to the pcb.

3: Follow the two wires from transformer they are connected to the pcb  . the two wires joins to pcb and you will see four black components they are diodes i am giving you a diagram of the pcb!

4: now as shown in diagram you have two terminals positive and negative   just  attach  one red and black wire with positive and negative terminal of the pcb  and connect it with the battery - with -  and + with + .you need to solder it.

5: now you got it the speaker it's on with the power of battery! as shown in fig 1.

6: now extend the wires and make a hole on the casing and pass the wires out then close the casing and then connect to battery!

7: if you need any more help please mail me

8: Caution: do not do this when the speaker is plugged in the ac supply!

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