How to Make a Skull Clock

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Today, I will show you how to make this skull clock that is sure to be a great Halloween conversation starter or centerpiece.

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Step 1: What You Need

You need
  • A plastic skull ( At any place that sells Halloween decorations)
  • Old watch
  • Foam tape and/or hot glue gun
  • Piece of scrap metal or cardboard
  • Knife

Step 2: Cutting

  • Cut a hole in the bottom big enough for you to get your fingers inside the skull.
  • Now, cut a hole where you want the clock to show, I cut it in the eye although, I thought about the forehead.
  • Clean up the hole you have just cut and make it more round and fitted to your watch.

Step 3: Assembly

  • First, put your battery of your watch in (I used a piece of tape to make sure it was secure).
  • Now, take your scrap piece of metal and tape or glue it to the back of your watch.
  • After you've done this you can put the watch through the bottom of your skull and either, hot glue or foam tape it to the inside of the skull.
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