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Ever needed a step and also a stool well here is a guide how to build a sliding step stool. This is just a simple project what I designed at school, this is why it has so many steps.

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Step 1: Sketching the Parts

1. To begin the drawing process draw a large rectangle called A (350mm by 195mm) then the smaller one B (261mm by 146mm) Then repeat this process for C(600mm by 50mm), D(287mm by 50mm), E(78mm by 37mm), F(242mm by 60mm), G(282mm by 37mm), H(200mm by 30mm) just draw them as rectangles.

2. Once you have drawn all of the rectangles you will need to add some of the finer details like the trims and also how A turns into 2 separate pieces like B.

3. Once you have finished drawing and putting in the detail you will need to start cutting it out. Start cutting how you had drawn it, so cut out the rectangles then sand the finer details

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

4. Now you need to start drilling some holes so you can screw the step together. A) Drill one hole into each C piece it will have 2 holes, 27mm up and 18mm in, around about were the red dot is in the image below and the 2nd one is 25mm down and 200mm left but this hole will only go half way through the wood and will only be in 2 pieces of C and the 2 pieces will be facing each other.
B) Drill into each G piece, 17mm up and 9mm in the side, you will need one of these on both sides. These holes will line up with C holes
C) Drill in piece F the hole will be in the middle of it which is 30mm down and 116mm across. This hole will have to fit the 10mm dowel.
D) Drill in each piece E it will need two holes on the top side, the first hole is 16mm from the left and the second is 16mm from the right.
E) Drill in piece A it will need four holes on the top 1st hole is 83,5mm left and 25mm down, 2nd hole is 83,5mm left and 25mm up, 3rd hole is 83,5mm Right and 25mm down, and the 4th hole is 83,5mm Right and 25mm up. These holes will line up with E holes
Above are all the holes you will need to make the stool

Step 3: The Step

5. Below are all the holes you will need to make the step part
A) Drill in each piece of D it will need three holes, the 1st one will be 15mm left and 9mm down. The second on will be 235mm right and 9mm down and the 3rd one will be 9mm up and 20mm left.
B) Drill in each H piece, 15mm up and 9mm in the side you will need one of these on both sides.
C) Drill in each piece of I it will need 4 holes, 1st one will be 17.5mm down and 15mm left, the 2nd one will be 18mm up and 27 right, the 3rd one and the 4th one will be on the top so you can screw B to the top. So 9mm up and 27mm in for the 3rd and the 4th 9mm up and 108.5mm in. You will need to do this for both pieces.
D) Drill in piece B it will need 4 holes the 1st one will be 58.5mm left and 38mm up, 2nd one will be 58.5mm left and 38mm down, 3rd one will be 58.5mm right and 38mm up, 4th one will be 58.5mm right and38 down.

Step 4: Assembly

6. Once you have finished drilling all of the holes you can start assembling the step. Start by making an A-frame by using the pieces 2 of the C’s,1 E, and 1 F. Put some glue on the ends of E and F. E will be at the top of the A-frame and F will be in the middle, you can see an example of this from the image above make sure it’s a snug fit repeat this so you have two of them.

7. While the two A-frames a drying start assembling the step just start with screwing the two D pieces and the two H pieces, only use the first two holes on D. Once it’s screwed together it should look like a ladder shape. Then get bit I the 2nd hole and screw the last D hole into it (you can use some glue in-between it for some extra strength it you want). Now adding the top of the step on screw using I and B, by screwing I’s 3rd and 4th hole’s to B’s 1st and 3rd and then for the other side screw the other I’s 3rd and 4th hole’s to B’s 2nd and 4th that should be the step.

Step 5: Finshing

8. Now the steps done the and the A-Frames are dry, start construction of the stool. Only use one of the A-frames for this step put the dowel in the only hole in F make sure it’s a snug fit. And the metal rod will go into the half holes you drilled. Then screw one of G’s holes to C’s hole. This should look like this

9. You almost done. Slide the step onto the metal rod and attach the other side of the A-Frame. Then screw on the top of the stool in the last holes. And your done.

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    4 years ago


    if i have the plans i can do it myself :)) would you send me ?

    regards ercan cetinkaya


    6 years ago

    Cool going to try and make this from a pallet


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome piece of work! I'd love to see some more pictures of the finished product!