How to Make a Small Mail Shelf

Introduction: How to Make a Small Mail Shelf

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My wife and I needed something to hold our mail, keys, and sunglasses by our front door In this video. So I came up with this little mail shelf. Very simple and basic. I didn’t have to buy anything for it because I had some scrap pine laying around the garage. I also had the stain from a previous project.
The cutting and assembly is pretty straight forward. You can get creative with the 3 vertical pieces. I went with a simple design, but this is where you can add your own personal touch. If you really wanted to get creative you can add a deisgn that matches another piece in the room.
If you are staining this pieces, make sure you clean/sand all the glue off. Glue does not absorb stain and will leave white marks on your piece. If you are going to paint it, the paint will cover up the glue, but try and remove all the glue. It makes for a cleaner look.

For more detail on this project, head over to my website.


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