Snow Shovel for Your Car

Introduction: Snow Shovel for Your Car

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We recently got a lot of snow here in the UK and i wanted to make sure my partner had a shovel in the car in case she got stuck. But when I went to buy one they had sold out and all i could get was a hand shovel.

So i have converted it to be used as a small shovel for the car.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need
A wooden Broom Handle

Small bit of Dowel

Hand Shovel

A Long Screw

A Short Screw


A Panel Saw
Hack Saw
Electric Drill
Drill Bits

Step 2: Making the Handle

Cut your broom handle roughly in half or a decent length to allow you to have one hand on the end and the other on the shaft but still allowing enough room for the shovel head on the end.

Using your vices put the shaft in to them and chisel the end about 6 inches from the end of it, to make it narrower so that it will fit inside the handle of the hand shovel.

Once this is done take it out of the vices and at the opposite end drill a hole the same diameter as your small dowel about 3cm deep.

Cut a piece of the small dowel about 5cm long and coat it in PVA wood glue at one end, place this end in the hole you drilled in the broom handle and tap it a few times with the hammer to make sure its securly in there.

now cut another bit of broom handle from the other piece left over, make it about 14cm which should be wide enough for your hand.

Measure half way along this and drill a hole the same diameter as the small down but making sure you only go about 2cm deep, not all the way through.

add some PVA wood glue to the small dowel in the main handle and push the short bit of broom handle on to it, again give it a couple of taps with the hammer to make sure its secure.

Now drill a pilot hole through the handle slightly smaller than the width of the long screw, then carefully screw this screw in to the handle, as pictured. This will act as a grip to push against when shoveling.

Step 3: Adding the Blade

Cut the leather tie off the handle, normally used to hang it up.

Slide the shaped end of the broom handle in to the handle of the shovel blade and give the broom handle a couple of hard taps with the hammer to wedge it in to the shovel blade.

Now put the small screw in to the hole on the shovel handle where the leather tie was, this will hold the shovel blade in place.

And that's it your done!

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