How to Make a Soda Can Incense Burner!




This is a tutorial on how to make an incense burner out of two soda cans.
This is very dangerous so i wouldnt recommend it if youre young.
Sorry for the sloppy cutting i was in a rush.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

Here are the things you'll need:
2 soda cans(of course youll want to wash them out)
A pocket knife (or scissors)
Strong glue such as gorilla glue
3/8 drill bit

Step 2: Drilling the Holes for the Incense.

Use your drill bit to drill a hole in the bottom of both cans.

Step 3: First Cut.

First off start by making a cut about a 1/2 inch from the top of the can to the bottom of the can. Be sure and cut the slit with the drinking hole topside up or your ashes will fall out.

Step 4: Widening It.

Start from the top cut and cut sideways 1/2 inch then do the same to the bottom.

Step 5: Removing the Flap.

Now fold the flap up and pinch it tightly together. Then unfold it back to its original position. Keep doing this until it comes off. Please be careful the edges will be very sharp!

Step 6: Now the Opposite Side.

Now do steps 4-5 to the opposite side.

Step 7: Now to Make It a Little Safer(optional).

Now that the flaps are removed its time to make it a little safer.Now just cut it just like before when you were cutting the flaps but this time instead of a 1/2 inch cut it a 1/4 inch at top and bottom on both sides. This time fold the flap on the inside of the can. Do steps 3-7 on the opposite can.

Step 8: Cutting a Passage.

Now take one can (This will be your back can. Only do this to one can.) and stick your knife in the drinking hole and on the far left and far right make a cut all the way to the bottom of the rim. After you do this remove the flap the same way you did the others.

Step 9: Closing the Hole.

Bend the flap on the drinking hole(On the one you didnt cut.) flush with the can.(This will of course be your front can.)

Step 10: Making the Can Base.

Now to make it where the can wont try to flip over. Flip the can over and its back and press in on the top-center of the can with your thumb and flatten it out now do this to the bottom of the can and the middle section. Do this to the other can as well.

Step 11: Now to Glue It All Together.

Put a good amout of glue on the top of the "bottom can" and then shove the "top can's" bottom on the top. After the glue dries trim all excess glue.

Step 12: Heres How You Use It.

You're done! Light the incense before you put it in the can and then blow the flame out. Then insert it in the bottom hole all the way into the next can. When the incense burns further than the bottom of the top can pull it about halfway out and let the bottom of the stem rest on the ground. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNATTENDED.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Instead of removing the side sections of the can, why not just fold the flaps down and inside from the beginning? Saves a step or two and leaves it with the "safety edge" automatically.

    Also, why not just glue the two tops together (lining up the drinking holes) for the center area... then just punch or drill a single hole in the bottom of one?

    Just some thoughts for possible improvements. Good idea!