How to Make a Solar Powered LED Christmas Tree

Introduction: How to Make a Solar Powered LED Christmas Tree

Ever been bored enough to try to turn paper back into trees? Want said trees to be powered by sunlight? Make a solar powered origami pine tree!

Step 1: Making the Electronics

First gather the following:
Timer cap
1381 cap
2N 3904 cap
d1 Diode
Power storage Capacitor
LED light
Solar panel

And solder them together according to the schematic.

Step 2: The Finished Solar System and LED

This is the finished solar powered LED. This will build a charge and light the LED when it is in sunlight.

Step 3: The Origami

In order to make the tree itself, first crease along one diagonal and then fold the sides of the paper into the crease.

Step 4:

Next, preform a pleat fold about halfway down.

Step 5: The Flip

Now, turn the paper over.

Step 6:

Next, fold the bottom flap up, and do a pleat directly over it. 

Step 7:

Now, do one rabiit ear fold on each side as shown in the diagram.

Step 8: You're Done! (with the Origami at Least)

Flip it over again, You can decorate it now, but I'd wait for the electronic portion. (oooooooh)

Step 9: You're Really Done!

Just tape the electronics on the back and place in direct light for a REALLY long time.
Enjoy your thingy.

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 2

    Just curious as to why you did not solder the diode with it lying flat against the board.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Capacitors only have 2 leads, not 3. The components with the 3 leads are not capacitors, like you state. The 1381 is a voltage trigger ( and the 2N 3904 is a signal transistor (


    8 years ago on Step 2

    If you add a switch to the led, will it hold enough charge to light it at night?