How to Make a Soldering Iron With a 6 Volts Battery.





Introduction: How to Make a Soldering Iron With a 6 Volts Battery.

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Hi, friends!
today i am showing you how to make a soldering iron from a 6v battery.
this is the easier way and the safest method ! it gets hot up-to 60 degree C in only 10 seconds.
here is the picture of it! i consist of two wires + and - .
the blue  and yellow  stuff is your soldering iron and the black wire is the negative terminal.
it's whole cost is only 6 or 7 dollars depending on the cost of battery!  and if you have a 6 or more volts battery then the expense will be reduced to only 4 dollars or 20 indian rupees! it's very very affordable!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

The stuff  you will need is very cheap and easily available at any corner shop!
1. A Pencil. ( a common HB pencil. you have to remove it's wooden casing and  take out a long graphite from it. )

2. A sketch pen .  ( cut it half )

3. An  hollow  iron tube . ( the iron tube should be selected in a manner that the graphite lead can be easily inserted and can hold it tightly. )

4. Two long wires ( you can  increase or decrease it's length as per your need or availability. And the wire slould be thick enough 0.75mm so that it can hold the current passing from it.)

5. a 6 or 12 volt battery ( a 6 volts battery is good enough to make this but don't use any direct power supply it will decrease it's performance.  )

6 . A good quality paper. ( don't use a magazine paper use a simple rough and good quality paper like a times news paper. )

5. tools pliers , tapes ( it's good to use a head resistant tape. ) , a pair scissors.

               Caution : Don't dare in your dreams to connect it from a common household 220volts ac or dc supply. if you will try to        do this i am not responsible for your death!

Step 2: Making the Soldering Iron's Positive Terminal This Will Become Hot While Soldering!

1. Take the iron rod and make a dent between it so that the lead gets a base. do it as shown in the photo! no : 01.

2. Now attach a long wire with the iron rod the cover the iron rod with a paper and tape it. as shown in fig no : 02. part 1 and part 2.
    ( note: the paper is used in order to protect the tape from burning cause the iron rod get's very hot when soldering . and paper is very bad conductor of heat. (it's insulator)  ).

3. Now take the sketch body and insert the whole thing you have made in it . as shown in fig . 3 part 1 & part 2. ( it's the casing. )
           ( you may need to cut the wire like in fig 3  part 2. to insert  the stuff in the casing. )
4. Now your solder is ready. just connect the wire coming out from the solder to the positive side of the battery. (you can use capacitors for better performance.)

5. so, now you will be confused about the negative terminal. i may tell that the negative terminal is also used. just attach a long wire to the negative terminal then touch the neg. terminal coming out from the battery to the graphite of the positive terminal and the lead will start getting hot you will see some smoke coming out from the lead when you use it first time. after one time it will not be again repeated with the same lead you can also change the lead time to time for better performance.

6. THIS SOLDERING IRON CAN BE USED BY ONLY TOUCHING the the lead with the neg. terminal.

7.   now your soldering iron is ready in a cheap manner. can see the whole setup's picture in fig 4. part1 and 2
-----------------------------------------------------AUTHOR TIPS -------------------------------------------------------

THE lead becomes hot on passing electricity cause the lead between the terminal is a semiconducter (graphite).

It get's hot in only 10 - 20 seconds. (depending on the charge of the battery)

You can use a heat resistant tape for better heat protection.

it's so easy cause i (a 14 years old child can make it.).

for any type of help on this topic or another you can mail me at ""
or just comment.

Thanks for reading.

Step 3: The Finished Product

Here's the image of the complete soldering iron!



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    Good! but hey man,4 dollars is not equal to 20 Rupees like you said.One dollar is about 55 Indian Rupees.Do the math.

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    Hello Sir and thanks for commenting! first i am not a man cause i am only 15 ! and I may tell you if you are going to buy the required stuff in india for this project it will cost you around 20 rupees cause i live in india and if you are going to buy one from u.s it will cost around 4 dollars cause i am familiar with these countries !

    man i love i saved cash for buying a soldering machine then i saw your project ,, i ws so happy to it cause i had items to make it in my garage thank you bro

    I made myself one too, the only difference is that I used a 16A power supply, gets white hot in 20 seconds, might make an instructable on it!

    No a v battery actually dosen't have that much amps or in simple words that much power to heat a graphite rod , it just cant supply that much amps , many of you think that it's nine volts which greater than six volts so it can do but you also need to know about the current , so learn a little about current and electricity before trying to make any of this

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    Do i look like kid? okay yes i do but i am 17 , and there's no schematic you just need to connect the battery and graphite rod in series!


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    Very nice instructables!!! But can we use other battteries except 6 or 12 volt batteries maybe some AA batteries connected