How to Make a Somewhat Silent Pretty Fast Multi-shot Bb Gun From Your Old Nerf Gun.




This instructable explains how to make yourself a bb gun from your old nerf gun and some other parts. Some could say this is a mod of]
from Perjak but this is different by quite a bit. In this you sacrifice your gun for a stronger airsoft gun. And I am sorry perjak because i did kinda steal just the pen or straw sticking out.

Step 1: Materials

Materials list is pretty short:
All you need is your gun
A screwdriver (to get the head off)
Airsoft pellets or bbs
a strong straw
a mechanical pencil
a LOT of tape
perhaps a rubber band for the more auto-loady less dependable peice

Step 2: Remove Unnessasary Items

Just start unscrewing near the head or barrel until you can work it loose. Then if you want you can unscrew everything else to look at the guts and check if they work.

Step 3: Create Your New Barrel.

With this all you need to do is put a small hole in your straw which is smaller than your bbs. Then completely kill your pencil and have only the outer part and the "plunger" with the white part cut off. Then use your large amounts of tape to securely put the part on the outside over the straw and a little off to the side.
Optional: make yourself a little "bb door" from a tiny peice of another straw and tape that to the side of the barrel so it holds the bb in a tank thing better and you can aim anywhere.

Step 4: More Taping

Simply tape your straw onto place in your open nozzle of the compression tank so a bb can go back there against the "door" except that the loader is blocking the way.

Step 5: Testing, Adjusting, Testing, Adjusting More

Now to fire, put the bbs inside the open part of the mechanical pencil and put the "plunger" on top. Gently push down with the plunger until you feel a little give and the bb will have dropped into the compartment. Now if you want, check down the barrel and you should see the bb in place but held but the by indented straw. Now pump and shoot. If the bb doesn't come out, the mechanical pencil is held too toghtly on and open it up more. If the bb falls out it needs to be tighter. If the bb cant make if into the compartment the hole is too small and you're too far off.

Step 6: Shoot

Now pump and shoot.... pretty fast...



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Man.....not to be a jerk or anything but, that is a waste of a a SupermaXX 1500 old edition!!!!! You know how much you can get for one of those on ebay/NerfHaven? I've paid $20+ for a SupermaXX 750 (old edition). If you're going to do this, do it with a cheaper not-as-rare one like the Air Tech 2000 or something. The SupermaXX 1500 is one of the best that Nerf has provided. And everyone, join my site at Join NOW and you'll get a nice incentive.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    yes it is, I believe it is a suppermaxx 1500. am I the only one with a nerfhaven account around here?

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    OH YEAH... When I posted this comment, I would have said it was a squirt gun.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it is to reload and to make the bb fly straighter for more power and accuracy


    10 years ago on Introduction

    waste of rare nerf guns. (supermaxx and 1st gen nf)

    RishnaiDIY Dave

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You know those squirt guns that you pump like crazy for a minute or so, but then will shoot several bursts of water or one big one, depending on how long you hold the trigger? If you swapped the nozzle for a barrel, you could easily use one of those. As for the Super Soaker Glorified Tube With A Plunger, I don't see how it wouldn't work, so I guess go for it.

    thingygoboomDIY Dave

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Well if you really wanted to. The thing is is that the super soaker gives a stream instead of one push. Though you could make an smg of sorts... ill look into it. Or you could attach a bottle (water or gatorade) to the front and put a quick release beyond that to shoot a bb at high speeds... im gonna try that... thanks for asking!