How to Make a Soul Sample Hip Hop Beat




Introduction: How to Make a Soul Sample Hip Hop Beat

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This is the art of making a soul sample hip hop beat. similar to the works of early kanye west on college dropout and just blaze on diplomatic immunity.

Step 1: Get Some Motivational Food

This is essential! You need a functioning mind and a hungry mind is not a happy mind! This food will drive you to want to make a beat

Step 2: Get Set Up

Get an MPD 32, M-Audio keyboard, Logic Pro 9 and some speakers. Your going to need some sort of program to make music even garage's free the other stuff might run you a lot of money.

Step 3: Find a Sample You Like

Picking the sample is essential it is the backbone of your song and allows for creativity as you make the beat. Picking a sample with minimal drums is also important because its extremely difficult to sample a song with drums and sometimes impossible.

Step 4: Pitching the Sample

Take the sample and pitch it up or down to make it as unrecognizable as possible. This is important because it lets you change up the feel of the original song and bring it into your own vibe. You feel me?

Step 5: Chopping the Sample

Chop the sample and loop it however you like. Drag the audio file into Logic Pro and find the tempo. From there you the splitter tool to chop the sample. Just be creative.

Step 6: Add Core Drums

Adding drums to your object will give it a feeling of completion but you are far from done. Add kick drums, snares and hi hats. Use the kits given to you or create your own.

Step 7: Add Synths and Piano

This will give the feel of a complete song a lot more than if you just had the drums. To do this you must find the key of the sample and make up your own chord progressions.

Step 8: Add the 808s

Adding 808 kits gives the drums a booming bass feel and makes your inner core feel the song more. Go to your 808 kits and Match them with the drums you've already laid down.

Step 9: Structure the Beat

Structure the beat is the most important part. This is when you decide which samples and instrumentation a you want where. Where you want your hook and where you want everything else. You will stage the samples you have to there designated spaces, making sure nothing is clashing.

Step 10: Export

This is the final step you'll take it and export the mo3 file to iTunes by going to the bounce button selecting mp3 file and real time and bouncing it.

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