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Introduction: How to Make a Spinner

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In this instructable, I'll tell you how to make paper spinners. they have no use except to spin and collect. however, if you do it right, the spinner will be sell able for say $2.00.

this is in the green contest because I believe this is a good way to recycle paper


1. paper (1 sheet)

hardback book

Step 1: Start

all right. first take the paper then cut in half. then fold the halves in half. sorry, my camera sucks

Step 2: Mid Way

all right. now fold triangles on both ends of both halfs. then lay them so they cross each other. finally. fold one of the triangles on the bottom sheet. this last part is tricky. fold each of the other triangles (2) over the first one, one at a time. then tuck the last triangle in the pocket of the first one

Step 3: After the Folds...

after the fold, you might want to poke a hole through the center of the spinner to quiet down the noise. after that, fold diagonally both ways. then flatten it with a hardback book. after that, you're ready for a design. my favorite is lines down 2 sections across from each other then the others filled with blue and yellow. whatever you do, dont try and make a hypnotic spiral because it wont show up like you want. there are add-ons you can put there such as staples, too

Step 4: To Spin....

put your thumb and index finger of your right hand on the topmost corner of the spinner like you're pinching it. do the same with your left hand except put it diagonal from the right hand. this is vice versa if you're left handed



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    i dont get how to spin it can you please tell me in more detail

    Do you have any lights in your house or is your camera broken?

    I found the other comments very funny.

    unlike the others who only complained, I tried to do a kind of remake of what I was able to understand: can u explain step 4 and make a pic plz?

    step1.jpgstep 2.jpgstep 3.jpgstep 4.jpgstep5.jpgstep6.jpgstep7.jpg

    I recommend some editing here. needs more detail: more steps more explenation etc needs explenation of how the spinner is used needs video if possible