How to Make a Stackable Wooden Storage Box




Introduction: How to Make a Stackable Wooden Storage Box

This is a quick slideshow for making a stackable wooden storage box (crate). For the full directions, check out my detailed instructable. Enjoy



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    10 Discussions

    Object: Storage box
    Blast resistance:1
    Stackable: Yes (64)
    Still a nice box

    This is a grand idea! At the print shop where I work , we use these plastic trays the Postal Service once used for handling mail, but we keep running out when we do very large projects. With a tiny mod, I think we could use these!

    Thank you!

    Fantastic idea. material required is very cheap. so easy and feasible idea.

    Wonderful idea! Simple to do, yet still looks nice. P.S. I wish you lived right next door to me so you'd have someone to share that "almost" unlimited amount of thicker plywood with. I could find lots of uses for that! Starting with the ceiling... No, the floor... No, that hole in the wall... the ceiling... floor.... Oh well, my house is falling down around me! Maybe you wouldn't want to be my neighbor after all... ;-)

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    Oops! The compliment was meant for ausable. The plywood comment/joke was meant for kparton. Sorry about that! :-)

    Thanks for the idea. I have an almost unlimited supply of thicker plywood available from work. I've been looking for a simple storage box design.

    Nice design, and I get the idea. . .but it'd kinda be nice to see a few of them stacked. Just one more picture oughtta done it. -) Yeah, yeah, I see the link. I'm going there now...

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    Thanks....I've added a pic of two of them stacked on each other. Since the rest of the boxes that I have are at a job site right now.