How to Make a Steampunk Nerf Maverick


Introduction: How to Make a Steampunk Nerf Maverick

Today we're going to take this Nerf Maverick, already modded, and paint it.

What We'll Paint:



Cocking Mech

Barrel Release Button

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

Nerf Maverick

Screwdrivers (phillips and flat)

Wire Cutters

Brown Spraypaint

Black Spraypaint

Metallic Spraypaint

And any details you wanted to add to the blaster (I used a funnel and lego gears)

Step 2: Opening the Blaster

Use the phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws. There are 7 bigger screws in the main blaster, 3 small ones in the cocking mech, and 1 hidden under the cocking mech. Then, use the flathead to pry the gun open.

Step 3: Removing the Internals

Remove These Parts.

List of parts:



Spring Guide

Gun Front

Rotation Mech

Sliding Mech

Barrel Release Spring

Trigger Spring


Cocking Mech Spring


Unknown part

Step 4: Painting PART 1

Paint the first coat black on the shell. Then paint the Cocking Mech, Barrel Release Switch, and Barrel silver.

Wait Until Dry.

Step 5: Painting Part 2

Paint the second coat on the shell brown.

Step 6: Putting the Blaster Back Together

Put the internals back in and screw the blaster back together.

(sorry, no pics)


Add your details and VOILA! a steampunk Maverick!



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    3 Discussions

    with the Lego Cogs would of been a thought to Brass them? for a true steampunk style?

    You might want to consider doing a third coat of acrylic sealer. It sold in the spray paint aisle for the same price as a can of paint and it will make your work last longer.

    I would like to point out that taking out all the internals is dangerous if you don't know where exactly they all go. I suggest taking a picture of the gun before taking the internals out so you can figure out how they go back together.