How to Make a Stylish Maxi Skirt




Introduction: How to Make a Stylish Maxi Skirt

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Perfect for summer days!
You can achieve so many looks, with tops, adding a belt, according to your shape and style.

You'll need:

- Jersey, cotton jersey
- scissors
- elastic band
- Sewing machine
- pins

Good luck! :D

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Step 1: First Step

Picture #1 and Picture #2: Fold the fabric and use the pins to hold it together 

                                                Dobla la tela por la mitad y utiliza los alfileres para unirlas y sujetarlas juntas

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #3 and Picture #4: Cut open the side. Don't forget the pins has to go on both sides 

                                               Corta un lado para que queden abiertos, no olvides colocar los alfileres en ambos lados

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #5 and Picture #6: Now is time to sew the sides, the stitch I use was simple straight

                                                Ahora llego el momento de coser los lados, solo cose con una puntilla recta.

Step 4: Fourth Step

Picture #8, Picture #9 and Picture #10: Make a hem, and leave one part open

                                                                      Realiza un dobladillo y deja una parte abierta

Step 5: Fifth Step

Picture #11: Grab the elastic band and measure around your waist 

                       Agarra la banda elástica y mide por tu cintura cuanto vas a necesitar

Picture #12 and Picture #13: Now insert the elastic in the hem you just did, all around the skirt 

                      Ahora coloca adentro del dobladillo el elástico, alrededor de toda la falda

Picture #14 and Picture #15: When you get al the elastic inside the hem sew together both ends

                                                     Cuando termines de colocar todo el elástico adentro del dobladillo cose las dos puntas

Picture #16 and Picture #17: Then secure the elastic by sewing again the hem with the elastic

                                                     Luego para asegurar vuelve a coser el dobladillo con el elástico.

Good Luck! :D

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    7 years ago on Step 5

    This is so simple! It's definitely something I think I can tackle.