How to Make a Super Easy Skull Chain

Introduction: How to Make a Super Easy Skull Chain

Hello and today I will show you how to create an easy skull Chain!
This is such a fun add to your Halloween decor!
Also if you wanted something Christmas just swap the skulls with a Christmas tree or Santa!
Let's get started!

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

. Around about six sheets of white A3 paper
. Scissors
. A pencil
. A whole puncher
. String
. Tape (optional) not shown

Step 2: Drawing the Skull

First, get your paper and move it so all the pieces are in line with each other!
Optional: then stick the papers altogether using the tape!
Then draw a skull, and the details like the nose and eyes.
Then do this same process until you get about 18 skulls

Step 3: Cut Out the Skulls

Cut the skulls out carefully.
If you want you can cut out the nose and eyes but I didn't.
You should have 18!

Step 4: Hole Punching Time

Hole punch a whole above the nose about 1 cm below the edge of the skull!
Do the same with all the skulls!

Step 5: Putting the Skulls on to the String!

Take the string and thread the skulls trough leaving about 2cm spaces between each skull!
Tie off the ends and Hang it up and you're done!!! Enjoy

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