How to Make a Blowgun Out of Pvc Piping With Sight




Introduction: How to Make a Blowgun Out of Pvc Piping With Sight

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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a pvc blowgun and darts, which could be used in a survival situation for hunting small mammals and birds. Please use this at your own risk as it can fire up to 100 yards (300 feet) and is quite powerful. I hope everyone enjoys this :) I took these photos at night so they are not as good as usual.

Step 1: Materials

For this build you will need a 50 cm length of pvc piping, a nail, a hotglue stick, a lighter, a pair of scissors, some paper, two paperclips and some string or wool.

Step 2: The Paper Clips

Take the two clips and straighten them out. Bend one of them into the shape shown above.

Step 3: Step Three

Glue the shape as shown in pic 1. Take the other clip, measure the distance across the circle with it, cut it off and glue it in place as shown in pics 2 & 3.

Step 4: The Sight

Do the same horizontally and the sight is complete.

Step 5: Attaching the Sight

To attach the sight, glue the two ends of the paperclip to the barrel and then strengthen it with the string or wool as shown.

Step 6: The Dart

To make the dart, roll the paper into a tight cone shape, secure it with tape, then trim it roughly to size.

Step 7: Shaping

Put the end of the cone loosely into the barrel and cut it exactly to size.

Step 8: The Point

Put a good amount of glue on the head of the nail and slip it into the cone so that it sticks out as shown. Add some more glue on the outside to strengthen.

Step 9: Firing

To fire, put the dart into the opposite end of the barrel to where the sight is, put your mouth to the barrel and blow. If all goes well, you should be able to fire the dart up to 100 yards. I hope you all have good fun with this and, as always, please do not use this on humans or pets:)

I would like to post a tutorial on how to make a taser but the supplies needed will be quite expensive, so if you would like to see it, please favorite this instructable, and if it can get 20 favorites by the start of august i will definitely post it.

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    2 years ago

    I love this Idea I am so making one today


    Reply 2 years ago

    Cool! they are great fun, the one thing id advise is using half inch pipe and about 5 feet of it, this will make it MUCH more powerful


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot mate, I am so glad that people are enjoying my instructables. I am planning to post a slingshot crossbow as soon as i get the design right but as i am going on holiday in the next few days I will probably only be able to post my slingbow.

    I had a plan to post a weapon every day but i am finding it quite difficult but i will try and post new things as much as pos.


    6 years ago

    Nice blowgun man! Keep up the good work can't wait to see what you'll do next!