How to Make a Table for Your Tv and PS4.



Introduction: How to Make a Table for Your Tv and PS4.

.This Simple table you can use to put your TV, PS4, Books, DVDs, CD for games and PC.  You can do it  by yourself

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Step 1: Tools

.We need this tools meters for measuring, screws, drill, screwdriver and Scissors

Step 2: Materials

.We need this materials wood and Binding

Step 3: Design

.Use program (auto CAD ) to design the table, you should paint the table high 50 and length 100

Step 4: Cut Wood

 Cut the wood to be like Image, size of wood high 50, length 100 three couples, anther wood size high 50 length 50 two couples and should warned when you use saw.

Step 5: Binding Wood

.Binding the wood, use the scissors to cutoff the binding, you should take air out between wood and binding

Step 6: Finish Binding

.When you finish binding wood to be like  this

Step 7: Assembly 1

.Put the wood together to be like picture,180" degree

Step 8: Assembly 2

.Put the Screws to Prove in wood, use the drill to Prove screws, do this with all couples

Step 9: Assembly 3

.Use the Meters to have good  measure

Step 10: Assembly 4

.Use the Screws to  Prove the middle  wood in Table bay drill

Step 11: Finish

.To be like this when you  finish

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