How to Make a Tablegarden for Seniors?




Introduction: How to Make a Tablegarden for Seniors?

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Gardening is great for seniors, but not when you have to bend over for a long time, in the flower- vegetable garden. It's strean for the bloodvessels in the head and seniors become dizzy. So, why don't we bring up the flowerbed or veggybed to table level? In this video I show an easy way to make a tablegarden from 1 board plywood, complete with the saw-drawing. Most ideal for small town gardens and balcony. Total costs; about 50 dollar/euro. Some tips: Some plywood has a good and a bad side; keep the good side outside. Put the bottom of the container a bit higher, so you get a drip flange. You can change the height by connecting the legs higher or lower to the container. You can put easily wheels under the tablegarden. This is a open source hardware project.
The drawing:
A production of:

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    Love the simple construction. Don't think this is only good for the elderly, can be a great project to help someone with a handicap also. I am wondering if you have put much dirt in it yet and what kind of issues you may have. It looks as if you might want to brace the middle some once its full of dirt and water. I could be wrong but it wouldn't hurt to brace it anyway.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That's what I soon go to find out, when I goto fill it up. It's easy to brace because the bottom is higher than the lower side of the sidepanels. Good that you react on this because I was thinking using 2 screwed rod's underneath, on the long side. Next video we will see the result.