How to Make a Tension Wench

this is my first thing so go easy on me

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Step 1: What You Need

you will need

A metal piece(inside of a wind screen wiper)

A wire cutter

A pliers

Step 2: Cuttin the Right Lenght

cut 4cm-10cm
it will take some arm power and time to cut the metal
wiggle the wire cutter to make it weak

Step 3: Bending It

to bend the metal put the metal piece into the pliers like the picture


Now your done making your tension wench enjoy and please comment on this


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el eliel

11 years ago on Introduction

street sweeper trucks often throw a few tines from the brushes. these are made of very high quality spring steel. good source of pokey grabby bendy keep their shape type tools for you have a good reason to play in the gutter. "son, what are you doing in the gutter?" "nothin' ma, just lookin' fer WENCHES!"

2 replies

11 years ago on Step 4

very useful with a set of lock pick tools


On the right track, you actually told people how to do something, unlike many first instructables, even mine was rubbish... Go over the spelling mistakes and try and get some better photos, at the minute they look like the photos in devil's rejects, or may be texas chainsaw massacre. Also tension wench, very funny... wnech is an olden days term for whore.

4 replies

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Hehe... tension wench..

Sorry, my friends and I have a thing about the word wench. That, and "buxom".

Erm.. constructive criticism for JKA. The pictures and text of an Instructable ideally complement each other rather than say the same thing, so if your picture makes it clear exactly *how* to do something, the text could usefully explain *why* to do it. I know in this case it'd be pretty much "hold with the pliers here because... that's where you need to bend it", but you can use the text to explain things the pictures can't, and vice versa.

Other than that you've got the structure fine (what this does, what you will need, how to make it) and your instructions (though a little terse) are clear.

It's your first Instructable so you can get away with it, but directly asking just for comments (and doubly so asking for + ratings) is slightly frowned upon- if people have things to say they will, and if they think your Instructable is good enough they will + it. The exception to this is if you want feedback on a specific part of your Instructable:

Bad- "Tell me how much you loved my Instructable and give me + so I can win (latest competition prize)"
Good- "Did you find this circuit diagram helpful, and are my photos too dark?"

- which is absolutely fine.

Keep it up!


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Oh How buxom wenches make me giggle, every no and again I burst in to fits of oldey english talk when I'm bored/drunk + bored goes a little like this 'Silence wench you shall not sell your bodily charms around my stable, I tell thee get from this place before I have you removed in a forcible manner, most likely involving an elelvatrix deivce my good sir. No please that's enough you silly habernacle of a manchild.' Great that makes me want to stop drinking...