How to Make a Tombstone and a Cut Off Head and Torso Out of Cardboard for Halloween Under $5



Introduction: How to Make a Tombstone and a Cut Off Head and Torso Out of Cardboard for Halloween Under $5

Make this simple yet amazing prop for halloween. Easy to make but very scary. You can also team it up with my Spooky, Scary, Haunted Halloween gourd which you can find here for an uber cool Halloween decoration that will surely chill your neighbour's bones.

Step 1: Materials for a Great Scare

Here is all that you need for this creepy project-
1)cardboard (a little thick cardboard)
4)paint(acrylic or poster. I recommend acrylic)

Step 2: Time to Cut and Snap

Now, you have to cut the cardboard to make a zombie-like face and torso. You can either use a template or be creative and use your own ideas. If you are having trouble use my template below

Step 3: Paint a Base Coat

After you have given your crude piece of cardboard some shape, paint on a base coat using acrylic paint that matches your skin tone.

Step 4: Faces or Faeces??!!

Now, paint on facial features. Once it has dried, you can do anything. Paint on cuts, gashes, bruises, boils anything you like. You can also put in crumpled red tissue paper to make the gashes realistic

Step 5: Make Ribs and Bones

Roll up newspaper and tissue paper into veins and bones. Then paint them off wite with bloody red spots or purely a bloody red. Then attach them to the end of the head and to the beginning of the neck with lots of sticky tape.

Step 6: Make the Tombstone

Now, make the tombstone shape with thick, white cardboard and write the things that are written on a tombstone with the pencil. Then paint the whole thing a stony gray. After it has dried add details like moss, cobwebs with brush and sponges. You can also attach fake cobwebs. Then with a sharpie,write over the pencil lines. You can also do embossed lettering by writing the whole thing on a separate piece of fun foam and pasting it onto the tombstone with super glue.

Step 7: Setting Things Up

Now, set things in a proper way so that it looks scary.

Step 8: Click a Pic

Now take photos of your great prop.

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