How to Make a Totally Insane Stop-motion Video!




Introduction: How to Make a Totally Insane Stop-motion Video!

I didn't know just how epic stop motion videos were until I made one!

Stop motion videos are essentially just videos with a very slow frame rate that can happen at different times.

Fun fact: In case you didn't know, stop-motion is how clay-mation is made!:D

Step 1: Getting Started

The things you will need are:

A camera of some sort,

Any kind of video editing software, iMovie is used here,

content for your first stop-motion film!

Step 2: The Not-so Interesting Part...

Take the thing you want to take one of, for example, a fruit cup, and place it in a position and take a picture of it. Then, slightly adjust the object of interest and take another picture. Continue doing so until you have about 30 pictures (very very short video, like a short gif). With the boring-but-still-can-be-fun parts over, you may now start on the easier parts:)

TIP: Unless you are very sure of what you are doing, try your best NOT TO MOVE the camera. Doing so will skew the images later and make your movie look not as professional.

Step 3: The Transversal...

In whichever manner is necessary in your case, get the images on the computer. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THEY ARE IN ORDER, IF THEY ARE NOT YOU WILL HAVE GET THEM IN ORDER WHICH LITERALLY CONSUMES TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) If you did this on a build in camera, this step is even easier! :D

Step 4: Hoping You Have the Software

the only software I have and know how to use is iMOVIE, so if you have anything else, go ahead and use it but this is the only stuff I can help you with.

Step 5: Load the Pictures

If you are loading the pictures from photo booth, it switches around some of the pictures so you will have to reorder some of them.

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    For great stopmotions, i have the logitech quickcam pro 9000, it takes hd pictures and it comes with the software to take pictures from your computer. This webcam is amazing!


    9 years ago on Introduction

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Where is the video / can you upload it?
    (the pictures don't convey the total-insanity very well)